Storage Devices and RFID Applications in Healthcare


We are a group of six Nanyang Polytechnic diagnostic radiography year 2 students working on our health informatics project. Our topic is titled "Computer Terminology and Concepts as Applied to Healthcare". Our chosen subtopics are storage devices and their uses in healthcare and RFID application in healthcare. 

Before choosing our subtopics, we had already learnt during lectures about computer terminologies and the various types of storage devices. Furthermore, the e-learning activity that we did helped us to narrow down our search topics using various search engines by applying the additional quotations in the "search box". By using this search technique, it saved us a lot of time and the necessary information that we needed could be found easily. We also evaluated the websites base on the criteria that was learnt in e-learning to select our information more appropriately.

Feel free to browse through this webpage on our subtopics by using the navigation bar above. You may find sub-sections under Storage Devices as well as RFID Application (mouse over to see the sub-sections). For enquires or feedback, please click on the feedback button at the navigation bar above. You will be directed to a page with a simple form to fill in. Thank you for visiting this webpage and we hope that we have helped you to be more well informed in this area.
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